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It was a great thrill for us to be the inspiration for this lovely book of photos and poetry by internationally awarded author Jane Blight who journeyed with us in Turkey twice during our Turkish Aromatic Odyssey

It is a delightful read and we have added it to the recommended reading list for our Turkish Aroma Travellers.

"I lie in petals 
drown in scent 
float through a haze of 
languid memories 
velvet pink 
rose perfumed 
I lie in drifts 
pink petals piled high 
produce dreams 
of romance 
I lie in petals 
and drift"

The Orient Expressed - Istanbul and Beyond

If you have ever considered travelling to an exotic and spiritual land, Jane's book of seductive poetry will inspire and tempt you to visit a truly fascinating destination, rich in culture, tradition, colourful sights, sounds and atmosphere. Turkey is that destination.

Jane writes skilfully, expressing moods and contemplations, inspired by centuries of history, simple pleasures and everyday street life, giving a fresh new approach to travel.

This is true poetry for the people. Jane shares special moments captured in time for us with words and images representing heavenly pleasures such as rose picking and frolics in a sea of pink petals...

Aromas, tastes, sights and antiquity brought to you by a keen traveller who doesn't miss much and who eloquently delivers to the �armchair traveller'!

Spice markets, the ancient Silk Road, stunning azure seascapes covering sunken ancient cities...

Join Jane now on her �poetic tour' of Istanbul...and Beyond!

For enquiries please contact Jane at

All photography � Jane Blight 2004

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