turkish aromatic odyssey


Situated at the cross roads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is an ancient country of great natural beauty and diversity, washed on three sides by sea, with dramatic mountain ranges, mighty rivers, striking countryside and remarkable ancient ruins.

Few cities can match Istanbul as a place of spectacular beauty, profound cultural and historical heritage as well as a sense of the exotic around every corner. The history of Turkey stretches back beyond 2,500 BC with names such as Troy, Homer, Alexander the Great, St Paul, the Roman Empire, early Christianity, the Crusades and the Ottoman Empire, all taking their place in Turkey's colorful tapestry of events.
 We will explore the rich aromatic heritage of this land, from exotic Istanbul situated on the Bosphorus, with its dramatic mosques, Roman and Ottoman relics, bustling markets, bazaars, spice merchants and Turkish baths, to the glorious Aegean and the wondrous ancient site of Ephesus.
Enjoy some of the most stunning coastline in the world, a cruise on the blue Mediterranean, luxurious spa treatments, wonderful accommodation and delicious cuisine, the spectacular beauty of Cappadocia, early Christian cave dwellings, Byzantine murals, exquisitely decorated tiles and pottery and magnificent handmade carpets.
Experience glorious fields of fragrant Turkish roses, a privately arranged visit to a rose oil distillery, seaside villages, breathtaking countryside, the mystical whirling dervishes, magnificent architecture, art and antiquities and always the warmth and genuine welcome from the Turkish people

"Robbi and Jim are marvellous hosts, our guide was the best you could ask for. Our travels were perfectly orchestrated and it never felt like I was 'on tour' but rather like I had joined some new friends for an exquisite experience. And on top of all this, I never had to worry about the details! THANK YOU from the center of my heart! I hope to see you again soon."  -  Kathleen Schultz Oregon USA

Click here for more photos of the Turkish Aromatic Odyssey

We have also added some wonderful images of Turkey taken by Linda Cote during her time with us.

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