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Delightful small group tours to Provence, Tuscany, Italy, Turkey and Bali. Our delightful tours and retreats will give you the vacation of a lifetime.

Now in our 25th year our tours range from delightfully decadent gourmet tours and programs for aromatherapy enthusiasts and garden lovers through to nurturing women's retreats.

Aromas of Tuscany Tour

Flavours of Italy
Fields of fragrant roses, ancient sites, striking countryside and beautiful coastline. Visits to rose distilleries, small essential oil producers and local experts, Mediterranean cruise, vibrant markets, fine accommodation, delicious food and wines.
Turkish Aromatic Odyssey
A gastronomic journey into the flavours and aromas of Provence. Antique stores, gourmet cooking class, winery and garden visits, Provencale markets, beautiful  villages and countryside, lavender fields,  gourmet cuisine and delightful accommodation.
Flavours of Provence
An exploration into the essential oils of Provence in southern France. Aromatherapy experts, distilleries, field trips and visits to places of aromatic and historic interest. Lovely accommodation, fine food and wines.
Provence Aromatherapy
A delightful tour of the villages, towns, restaurants and countryside of Provence in southern France. Leisurely visits to places of aromatic and historic interest, lovely accommodation, fine food and wines.
Heart of Provence Tour

Essential Provence Tour

Provence Lavender Tour

Loire Valley Sojourn

Bali Women's Retreat

Australian Aromatic Tour

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