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Robbi has gathered some of the messages of thanks and reflections from women who have attended our Bali Women's Retreat over the years to give you an idea of the wonderful and heart felt experiences that are shared during the retreat.

"Thank you for filling my heart and soul with the purest love and light. This has been the most profound experience of my life, all taking place in a beautiful tropical paradise. A magical week filled with nurturing and love and sharing stories with an amazing group of women."
Jan, Ulverstone Australia

"The Bali Retreat has been such a wonderful experience. To have a group of strangers come together and then to feel the love and connection between us all has been incredible. We have all been on quite a journey and grown so much this week. I will always carry this week in my heart."
Cheryl, Rosanna Australia

"I am still feeling the Bali peace following the retreat and know that I have had a major shift in my consciousness and heart. Thank you for providing a safe, nurturing, fun and inspiring environment for me to rediscover me! "
Cynthia, Alexandra Australia

"Thank you for the experience of a lifetime. I went expecting some shifts and reconfirmation and I experienced both. I am looking at things a little differently now and take things more lightly than I have in the past."
Ida Mae, Toronto Canada

"I went to Bali on a whim, hoping for lots of pampering and some new experiences. What I didn't realise was that my heart and soul would be pampered as much as my body and that as the door opened, I would change the way I look at my life. Every woman should have this experience."
Belinda, Marton New Zealand

"I had the most incredible and wonderful time in Bali - something that was a once in a life time experience. My daughters loved the experience also and we each took something different out of the retreat that was special to us. Thank you for creating this experience for us and for being a beautiful woman inside and out."
Mary, Rhode Island USA

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience I shared with you. I can't tell you how much this retreat has altered my thinking, giving me a sense of belonging and inclusion. With heart-felt thanks. Love, Light & Blessings!"
Tory, Young Australia

"I cannot thank you enough for the amazing Bali retreat and the wonderful passion you have in doing what you love doing. I went to Bali with no expectations and left with an amazing journey of self-discovery, inner peace, tranquility and beauty and with these qualities I will go forward in my life's journey."
Chrissy, Sydney Australia

"Again, my eternal thanks to you for such an amazing journey - my time with you in Bali will be the marker of extraordinary change in my life - what a wonderful launching pad!"
Kath, Kew East Australia

"My life has been changed forever because of all of you and I cannot love you all enough for being there for me and helping me let go and accept your love during the retreat. I have never experienced such inspiration. Bali tipped the love scale for me. Thank you."
Connie, Essex USA

"I truly loved my week in Bali with you all. I didn't know what to expect but whatever it was, it was well exceeded! I left with a brighter lighter heart and insights into life, love and the whole darn thing!"
Carmel, Sydney Australia

"Thank you for creating the wonderful retreat in Bali which provided such an opportunity for growth and where I learnt so much. I felt beautifully supported and loved and that feeling continues on now that I am home. You are a very skilled and special person with an amazing ability to make everyone feel so worthy."
Georgie, Adelaide Australia

"Thank you for an extraordinary week of peace, love, joy, rituals and blessings. The attention to detail, pace, gifts and beautiful space was first class."
Marcella, Melbourne Australia

"I felt such love and peace during the women's retreat. It felt like we were gently supported in an effortless flow for the entire week. You have a gift and I was in awe at your seamless flowing. I am still very filled up with our incredible week together. What an astonishing group of women! I am so GLAD I went. I feel calmer, more centered, more reflective and just darn happier. I am almost giddy with the realization that profound healing took place in Bali. It was very subtle but clearly life altering. I felt able to provide loving, clear, open support and it was clear to me that we had done BIG WORK with Robbi and each other in Bali. What an incredible thing!"
Rae, Calgary Canada

"Being in Bali with you and the other lovely ladies, was a very profound experience. I returned home with more energy and a positive state of mind. Life is busy but I cope better. I also feel better physically."
Liza, Caulfield Australia

"There are so many of my friends who would benefit from your excellent retreat in Bali. Here's hoping they will be able to take advantage of your work in the near future. I was pleased to note that following the retreat many positive changes in my life took place. Many of them are as a result of our work together. I am in a happier place and I thank you for your guidance."
Pritinder, Kew Australia

"The Bali Retreat is an experience I will hold dear to my heart for the rest of my life. There are not enough words to thank you for what you and all the girls have brought back into my life. My beautiful journey with you all was perfect, perfect, perfect! And not only that, Bali is so fabulous for shopping. I acknowledge I am a SHOPAHOLIC and needed to be locked up! I loved it all!"
Suzette, Melbourne Australia

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